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eCommerce Resources for Business Growth

Here's a handful of tools we use on a day-to-day basis to build our brands.

Jungle Scout

Product & Supplier Research

There’s a good reason why so many e-commerce sellers use Jungle Scout. You can do and accomplish so much within a singular software.

Aside from helping you find the perfect product to sell, it has multiple tools to help you explore endless opportunities on Amazon.

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Helium 10

Keyword & Product Research

There are a lot of keyword and product research tools out there, but none is as exhaustive as Helium 10.

Helium's 10 comprehensive suite of features encompasses everything from competitor analysis to listing optimization, making it a must-have for e-commerce sellers.

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Shopify Landing Page Creation

If you're on Shopify then Zipify is the best landing page tool available. The interface is a bit clunky but the results are great.

Learn how Zipify Pages can help you create lead pages within your Shopify store more easily.



Non-Shopify Landing Pages

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one landing page creator, shopping cart, and email provider. For brands without a Shopify site, ClickFunnels is the most robust solution.

See how we use ClickFunnels for our Amazon Launches >>

See our Amazon Product Launch Guide

Qima/Asia Inspection

Product Inspection

Don't make the mistake of placing a large order without getting a third party inspection done. Inspections cost between $300-$400 but avoid serious problems.

See exactly how we do our third party inspections >>

See How to (Properly) Do an Inspection

Marketing By Emma

Amazon Listing Optimization

When it comes to optimizing Amazon listings, no one does it better than Marketing by Emma. Their team of experts has years of experience helping Amazon businesses increase their revenue and conversion rates.

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