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"The Ecomcrew Podcast has been our saving grace. The insights learned from this podcast are a huge part of how we have survived COVID and the inflationary recession that has followed. From marketing to logistics and much more, The Ecomcrew Podcast never disappoints in bringing fresh, actionable ideas to help your business to the next level."

- John Terry, VP, Ketonia LLC

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We cover everything in ecommerce, from product development and sourcing to Amazon FBA and Facebook ads.

Our episodes typically last from 30 minutes to an hour and are mostly focused on tactical advice for ecommerce sellers, but every now and then we cover broader topics such as financial independence, success, and meaning.

The vast majority of our listeners are from the United States.

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We get multiple podcast guest applications everyday and publish only 6 episodes per month, so competition is fierce. That's why we’ve implemented an appearance fee so we only bring on guests who are truly committed to ecommerce.

All applications are vetted, and if you don’t get picked, we will refund 100% of your appearance fee.

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